Water Damage Repairs for your iPad




Took your iPad Swimming?

Dropped it down the toilet?



Don't worry, we can help to get you and your iPad reunited in no time!



90% of the time, your iPad can be recovered!





Whether you have put your iPad in the washing machine (yes its happened before), or dropped it in a puddle, there is a high possibilty we can get your iPad up and running again.


Unlike most companies, we wont charge you to test your tablet. We have a no fix no fee policy.


In most cases, a new battery will solve the issue which can cost as little at £60.


We can do most water damage repairs in 60 minutes, but in some cases if the water has caused a lot of damage, you may be required to leave your device with us for further testing. Once the device has been tested we will contact you to advise of the cost of the repair. Please note that there is no cost to test or if you dont go ahead with repairs. There is also no guarantee with water damage repairs.


Click here to book an appointment or you can mail your device to us. Click here for postal info.


How much could it cost?

Repairs start from as little as £30 on iPad's.


We will strip and assess your device, cleaning out all traces of water and corrosion as best we can.


We have a much better chance of fixinf your device if you get it to us quickly - leaving it in rice or an airing cupboard for a week will only help the iternal components rust and corrode.


Just pop it into one of our stores and we will try and work our magic for you.




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“Highly recommended. Good communication and swift service. iPhone screen good as new and value price as well. Repair completed within 20 mins after dropping it off. Will use again if another mishap occurs!”


Lee, Manchester

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